PACU Nurse (FT)

Webster, TX


To act as patient advocate, providing continuity of care designed to meet individual patient needs through collaboration with other members of the health care team at the facility. Supports the philosophy, objectives and goals of the PACU nurse will ensure quality care to the individual patients recovering from surgery including but not limited to geriatric, adult, pediatric, and adolescent patients.


Licensure as Registered Nurse in the State of Texas.

Current CPR, PALS and ACLS certification

Ability to stand and/or walk at least five hours per day

Ability to lift and/or carry over 20 pounds on a regular basis

Ability to push/pull over 25 pounds on a regular basis.


Category I exposure to bloodborne pathogens, frequent exposure to chemical hazards and may encounter radiation hazards.


1. Duties of the RN opening PACU for the day include:

1.1 Opening fire doors and unlocking back door.

1.2 Provide Rx pads for Surgeon's scheduled for the day.

1.3 Check crash cart and 02 tank.

1.4 Count narcotics with another nurse and replenish supply of narcotics.

1.5 Restock refrigerator with fluid supply.

1.6 Log temperature for blanket warmer and refrigeration.

2. Post operative care of the surgical patient includes:

2.1 Airway maintenance.

2.2 Stabilization of vital signs.

2.3 Safe emergence from anesthesia.

2.4 Control of pain and nausea by administration of drugs.

2.5 Orientation to surroundings.

2.6 Administration of special equipment (i.e., ice bags, post-¬op shoes, slings).

2.7 Offer nourishments.

3. Follows proper procedures regarding exposure to Category I tasks.

4. Follows proper procedures for handling hazardous waste materials.

5. Documents vital signs, nurse's notes and drugs administered on the PACU record.

6. Notes and follows physicians' orders. (Both surgeons and anesthesiologists).

7. Reviews discharge instructions and educates patient and/or responsible adult with appropriate information to alleviate fears and maintain optimal post op care in the home environment.

8. Obtains discharge order from anesthesiologist or surgeon (if local anesthesia) prior to discharge.

9. Makes Post Op calls of previous days' patients to check patient's condition. Records complications and document all transfers to hospital in the PACI Log and files QA Variance Report with Supervisor.

10. Observation and discharge of endoscopy and liver biopsy patients.

11. Assists with nerve blocks performed by anesthesiologist in the PACU area.

12. Cleans stretchers and cribs after each patient and restocks supplies. 

13. Just prior to leaving, does the following:

13.1 Re verifies narcotic count.

13.2 Locks drug cupboards.

13.3 Deposit keys in locked box.

13.3 Turns off all appliances. 

13.5 Secures medical charts; prescription pads, and log book.

13.6 Closes supply closet door. 

13.7 Logs off computer and turns power off. 

13.8 Turns off all lights. 

13.9 Closes double doors

JOB CODE: 1000573