ER Nurse Days (PRN)

Webster, TX


To act as patient advocate, providing continuity of care designed to meet individual patient needs through collaboration with other members of the health care team. Supports the philosophy, objectives and goals of the organization. The Emergency Room Nurse will assess the needs of individual patients including but not limited to adult, pediatric, adolescent, and geriatric patients.

The Emergency Room RN for each shift, shall be responsible for providing staffing the hospital’s emergency room, and as such shall be able to demonstrate skills in basic emergency care to meet the emergency procedures anticipated by the hospital and defined within the scope of services and care for which the hospital is capable of providing.

Reports To:  Clinical Director


Licensure as a Registered Nurse in the State of Texas

Minimum of 3 Years Prior Experience in emergency or urgent care assessment

Demonstrates ability to stand and/or walk at five hours per day.

Demonstrates ability to lift and/carry over 20 pounds on a regular basis.

Demonstrates ability to push/pullover 25 pounds on a regular basis.

Current BLS Certification

Current ACLS Certification

Current PALS Certification


Category I exposure to blood borne pathogens, frequent exposure to chemical hazards and may encounter radiation hazards.



1. Performs assessment/data collection in an ongoing and systematic manner, focusing on physiologic, psychologic and cognitive status.

2. Formulates a goal directed plan of care, which is prioritized and based on determined nursing diagnosis and patient outcomes. 

3. Implements care in a knowledgeable, skilled, consistent manner in reaching the desired patient outcomes through nursing processes.

4. Establish priorities of patient care based on essential patient needs and available center resources of time, personnel, equipment and supplies.

5. Performs efficiently in emergency patient situations following established protocols, remaining calm, informing appropriate persons and documenting events.

6. Demonstrates applied knowledge base in areas of medical/ surgical patient care, actions of pharmaceuticals and anesthetic agents, laboratory values, safety and legal issues and all emergency equipment.

7. Practices effective problem identification and resolution skills as a method of sound decision making. 


1. Completes documentation duties in the patient record, which is timely, accurate and concise.

2. Performs initial ER Registration functions in the admission of the patient presenting to the Emergency Room Department. Completes:

2.1 Nursing ER Record

2.2 Emergency Plan of Care

3. Works as part of a team in delivering patient care.

4. Maintains CPR/ACLS/PALS certification.

5. Attends all mandatory inservices and participates in staff meetings.  

6. Remains flexible, adaptive and able to accept and implement new ideas and approaches.

7. Treats all patients equally adopting the Facility’s Patient Rights policy.

8. Reviews and carries out physician orders in an appropriate professional manner.

9. Counts narcotics with another nurse and replenishes supply as necessary.

9.1 Adheres to the facility’s medication management protocols.

10. Upon patient admission to the emergency room department, conducts initial nursing assessment.

11. Carries out protocols for written emergency services as defined by the organization through the facility’s Triage Policy.

11.1 Assesses and initiates stabilization protocols for care. emergent, urgent or non-urgent care according the facility’s treatment protocols.

12. Is knowledgeable about and responsive to emergency situations, i.e. cardiac 

arrest,  drug reaction, fire, disaster etc.

13. Initiates basic life support measures, if required

14. Demonstrates knowledge of the hospital’s transfer protocols relating to:

14.1 Contacting the physician on call.

14.2 Assisting the physician in the transfer of patient to higher level of care, if required.

14.3 Completing the patient medical record documentation required for transfer.

14.4 Completing the required transfer forms.

14.5 Completing  the ER Department Log.

14.6 Completing the EMTALA Transfer Audit Form

14.7 Can verbalize an understanding of the EMTALA regulations

15. Reports and completes appropriate forms for variance incidents related to patients, visitors, and employees.

16. Readies the area to receive patients.

16.1 Each shift will check defibrillator and crash cart integrity daily.

16.2 Check monthly medication outdates

16.3 Review for re-stocking for supply

17. Willingly assists with other duties when asked.

JOB CODE: 1000556