Occupational Therapist (PRN)

Webster, TX

JOB SUMMARY:   Will have responsibility for daily patient occupational therapy treatment involving frequent phone and in person interaction with both patients and physicians.  Will provide patient care as prescribed by the referring physician, including evaluation and assessment, design of treatment programs, implementation and supervision of treatment programs and educational services.  Will also maintain and update patient case files.


  • State Occupational Therapy licensure required.
  • Must be a graduate of an accredited occupational therapy curriculum
  • Current BLS Certification.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate in a friendly and professional manner with both patients and physicians. 
  • Must have strong organizational skills and the ability to accurately document information for billing purposes.
  • Experience with Word, Excel, and Electronic Medical Record Documentation.


Clinical Environment


  •  Daily patient occupational therapy treatment, to include assessing the condition of the patient and analyzing their needs.
  • Review and planning of treatment protocols with prescribing physician.
  • Participate in treatment review, progress, and ongoing patient care reassessments.
  • Education of patient and caregiver(s) of patient needs and how to care for patient
  • Accurate documentation to ensure timely and correct billing.
  • Ensure compliancy when billing Medicare.
  • Leadership ability to direct and assist other occupational therapy staff as necessary.
  • Provide exceptional customer service when interacting with patients and physicians.
  • Provides necessary educational services and participates in facility in-service activities.
  • Works to ensure a safe and clean facility including physical plant and equipment maintenance and supply inventory upkeep.
  • Assumes any other responsibilities assigned.

JOB CODE: 1000531