Radiologic Technologist (PRN)

Webster, TX


Performs x-ray procedures in the operating room, performs C-Arm procedures and processes films.  Participates in preoperative assessment of the patient, including x-ray procedures.  Maintains and documents equipment in proper calibration when appropriate.  Performs duties of Orderly in absence of a designated Orderly. 

Reports To: Imaging Manager

Supervises: None


Licensed as a Medical Radiologic Technologist 

A.R.R.T. Certification required

BLS Certification required 

Two years radiology technician experience required

Ability to move quickly in response to physician and patient needs.

Ability to stand for long periods, occasional overhead and low reaching.

Ability to exert force of up to 50 lbs. occasionally, up to 20 lbs. frequently and/or up to 10 lbs. constantly.

Requires ability to exert force of up to 30 lbs. constantly, up to 40 lbs. occasionally and up to 100 lbs. rarely.


Category I exposure to bloodborne pathogens, frequent exposure to chemical hazards and may encounter radiation hazards.


1. Completes duties according to the requirements of each approved procedure requiring radiological support.

1.1. Assembles necessary supplies and positioning aids for scheduled procedures according to physician's preference card.

1.2. Tests and monitors equipment for proper working condition.

1.3. Accurately comprehends and interprets verbal orders and direction.

1.4. Documents records and other forms accurately adhering to approved policies and procedures.

1.5.  Confirms that all persons in the room are properly shielded before activating x-ray.

1.6.  Communicates information about the patient's status to other persons responsible for care of the patient.

2. Applies the prescribed procedures to competently perform the radiology technician functions.

2.1.  Follows principles and aseptic technique in performing duties during the procedure.

2.2.  Remains available during the procedure to provide timely response to physician or patient needs.

2.3. Follows manufacturer's specifications and OSHA guidelines when performing x-ray procedures.

2.4.  Responds to emergency situations with competence and composure.

3. Performs required maintenance of instruments, supplies and equipment by adhering to cleaning, care, storage and calibration procedures as directed.

3.1.  Handles equipment and instruments correctly to provide appropriate availability and safety.

3.2.  Maintains adequate supplies to provide immediate availability during the procedure.

3.3.  Maintains a clean and organized work area.

3.4.  Responds in a timely manner to meet the needs of the patient and the physician.

JOB CODE: 1000415